David Dustin

Assistant Director, Leader Hiring
“When I was young, my favorite game was herding frogs.”

About David Dustin

As veterans of the sport know, it demands exceptional levels of teamwork and bravery. My friends and I would lay on the ground and link hands, encircling the frog within an arm fence. Keeping your nerve was no small feat, especially when our warty friend started hopping closer and closer to our hands or faces. Here at Overland, we aren’t herding frogs (yet), but we embrace challenges, love to work together, and savor a good laugh.

In college I was tutoring, teaching classes, and constantly volunteering for education institutions. Then a friend approached me about Overland, a company that took an experiential approach to growth and development. I led Northwest Expedition and joined the office the spring of 2021. I have loved witnessing young people hone new skills, forge diverse friendships, and, again and again, rise to the occasion.

There’s so much I love about my job. Everyone brings a smile to work, everyone believes in what we do, everyone is dedicated to one another, and nobody thinks herding frogs is a bad way to spend your spare time.

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