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Overland recruits and hires top students and recent graduates from all walks of life. Each leader brings great prior leadership experience, a proven track record of problem-solving, and the kindness, joy, and charisma to connect with each student and inspire their group.

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Ninco’s Story


Individualized relationships are at the core of every student’s ability to find their own leadership style.

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Ninco Chelsea Annie

“I believe leadership is being able to love and care for all of the team members…

I’ve learned that leadership does not only rest on the “leader.” In a team, we all can and should lead. This summer, I’ll strive to empower and encourage ownership in each and every team member over our summer adventure!”


Chelsea’s Story


Building lifelong relationships with the outdoors and all the opportunities it provides.

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Ninco Chelsea Annie

“I am thrilled to be returning to the Overland team…

As a leader, I love to experience the intense and wonderful power of immersive outdoor experiences and the ways that they invite us to grow as individuals and bring us together in community.”


Service & Hiking Alaska

Annie’s Story


Side-splitting laughter around a campfire – now that’s a worthwhile summer job.

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Ninco Chelsea Annie

“I couldn’t be more excited to be outdoors and spending time with Overland students…

From the joy of completing a challenge to the small, daily moments that will make us laugh, I’m grateful for all this opportunity has to offer.”


Rocky Mountain Adventure


We recruit our leaders from America’s finest colleges and universities, meeting with campus leaders across the country—an effort that generates hundreds of applications every year.

300 minutes

We typically spend over five hours evaluating our finalists: there are two readings of the application, a thorough review of three references, a three-part background check, and two rounds of interviews.

200 leaders

In 2023, over 200 individuals led for Overland. A mix of first year and returning leaders, our leaders include top students, athletes, and campus leaders—ideal role models for our students.

50 colleges

We recruit our staff from some of the country’s top schools and rely on our network of leaders at these schools to produce a deep pool of qualified applicants.

14 days

From extensive pre-summer preparations (first aid certifications, readings, and videos) to demanding training sessions, our leaders invest fourteen days (minimum—for many leaders it’s more) preparing for the summer.

1 goal

Our talented leaders have one goal: the success of each of their students. This, perhaps more than anything else, has made the difference for us as an organization and for the thousands of students who have joined us.

Lead For Us

We’ve pieced together the perfect summer job: outdoor leadership in an engaged community, focused on fostering relationships and building skills that matter. If this sounds like a good fit, then join us.

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