Our Guiding Vision

We teach these values.
Everywhere we go.
Whenever you’re ready.

From our first trips in the 1980s, we have always focused on the success of each of our students.


Teamwork is all about the little things. Doing more than your fair share. Staying positive.

Leadership is built on great teamwork. Putting others before yourself. Taking initiative.

When you come together as an Overland group, you’ll realize there’s no challenge you can’t overcome.


What we do at Overland is simple but effective. We ask our students to be their best selves, then we encourage them, support them, and inspire them.

At Overland, discovery and inspiration are a part of every day, everywhere we go, from Maine Coast to the Pacific Northwest, from the Rockies to the Alps.


Overland is more than just a trip. Overland is a chance to step out into the world on your own.

At Overland, independence and self-reliance come from exploring with others who are as eager as you to push beyond the everyday and the ordinary.

the overland difference

small groups

Fun & Connection

Our groups are limited to twelve students — we pay attention to age, grade, gender, and the mix of hometowns and schools. To create a welcoming environment for all students, we limit friend pairs in each group.

exceptional leaders

On & Off The Trail

Far more than counselors, Overland’s leaders are role models of the highest caliber. Our leaders focus on creating supportive and wholesome environments where each student can flourish.

student ownership

Hands-On Engagement

An Overland trip is guided by our leaders but driven by our students. With their leaders’ support, our students share daily tasks, creating spirited, close-working groups where everyone contributes.

careful admissions

Individual Attention

We carefully evaluate every application, always looking for students who are eager for the opportunities we offer. Our goal is to put together great groups of nice kids.

group first

Succeed As A Team

At Overland, the group always comes first. Simple things, like sticking together on hikes and waiting for each other at meals, lead to important teamwork and leadership lessons.

appropriate challenges

Sense Of Fulfillment

Every Overland trip is a set of carefully crafted challenges with clearly defined goals. The challenges are thoughtfully calibrated, and the goal is always to have fun and make friends.

high expectations

Bring Your Best Self

We expect a lot of our students- from playing by the rules, to including everyone and helping out. At Overland, we value a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and consideration for others.

phone & internet free

Make Lasting Memories

Overland students leave their phones at home – no calling or texting or posting. For the time that you’re with us, you’re fully engaged with your group and your trip.

committed to you

Collaborative Approach

Whether you have a question about packing lists, travel days, or allergies, you’ll speak directly with someone that genuinely cares you’ll never feel rushed. At Overland, every student matters.

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How To Choose A Summer Adventure For Your Child

Get first-hand insights into what you should look for when choosing the next summer travel adventure for your child.


explore overland

leadership style

Overland’s leaders are terrific role models for our students. Capable and caring, our leaders focus on creating supportive, wholesome environments where every student can flourish and grow.

stories from overland

Explore Overland through the eyes of students whose lives we’ve touched, the leaders who nurtured their experiences, and the families that witnessed the growth and joy of an Overland summer.

our Commitments

Overland works continuously to make our community and those we intersect with more welcoming, fair, and inclusive. Learn how we support this work and give back to our world.

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