Far more than simply a summer adventure trip for teens, Overland is a life experience with value and resonance that extends far beyond the boundaries of a single summer. In everything we do, we seek to inspire our students to see how beautiful and exciting, how full of promise the world is. Each of our teen summer adventure trips offers carefully crafted itineraries, small groups and capable, caring leaders. Our adventures are many: hiking, biking, service, language, and more. And our summer adventure destinations include some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, coastlines and countrysides. But Overland is more than exciting activities, more than great destinations. Overland is a chance to step out into the world on your own, while sharing in the friendships and fun of a small group with terrific leadership.

Our Values

In a pivotal stage of my life Overland was there to teach me how to become a leader.
— Corey Schwitz
We felt Jackson would benefit from an experience that promoted independence. We wanted him with good kids and inspiring leaders so he could grow.
— Margaret Cooper
Overland teaches reverence, respect and appreciation for the natural world. Jane considers sunrises and sunsets, the stars, beaches and mountains and forests and plains, even the wind, in a completely different sense than she did before her Overland summers.
— Helen Hamel

Teen Summer Adventure Trips

Overland offers teen summer adventure trips, camps, and travel programs in the U.S. and abroad to students ages 9 to 18 (finishing grades 4th through 12th in June 2020). Each of our adventures focuses on offering teens one of our main activities: hiking, biking, service, or language. Other activities include kayaking, rafting, and climbing. Since our first trips in 1985, Overland has always been a leader in providing carefully crafted teen summer adventures with clearly defined goals. Our small groups (Overland's groups are limited to 12 students) provide for careful supervision. Our capable, caring leaders create supportive, wholesome camp environments where our students can grow. For 35 years Overland has offered families the best in summer adventure travel for teens.

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