An experienced leader

Marshfield, WI
Pyrenees Expedition
Williams College

NINCO’s Experience

An Active Leader

I am a student-veteran at Williams College and well into my junior year! When I am not cramming for quizzes or writing an essay, I love some good yoga, a few laps at the pool, a little jiu jitsu, a little guitar, and oh, sunrise hikes!

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being a leader

“Students thrive when they learn to be a leader, help each other out, volunteer to do what needs to be done, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!”

Summer’s Outdoors, with Kids

A Rewarding

There are few other experiences as rewarding as spending most summer days hiking with kids who want to get outdoors and share in all it has to offer. At the heart of what attracted me to Overland was the opportunity to be in a leadership role again, continue to learn about what it means to be a leader alongside my impressive co-leaders and the wonderful Overland students, and lastly, to humbly pass on any and all leadership lessons I learned from my time in the Marine Corps.

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favorite memories


I am a big fan of “Type II” fun. An example of that from this past summer: we got caught in a sudden rainstorm while cooking our Fourth of July BBQ in the Pyrenees. I’ll never forget how much we laughed, how we worked as a team even if it meant lending a raincoat to a peer or getting soaking wet trying to catch someone’s belongings that had been taken a powerful gust of wind, and how afterwards we huddled under shelter and braved the storm.

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Students tackle challenging hikes along the GR-11 in the Pyrenees.
The group navigates a stream crossing.
Lunch at an alpine hut is the perfect break in the afternoon.
At the end of each day, every Overland group shares a wonderful meal together. Cheers!

Getting to Know My Students

Captivated by

I’ve learned how to be a better leader and to expect the unexpected. I see the excellent example and wonderful qualities that the Overland students bring to the trip and I try to emulate them as much as I can in their kindness, consideration, and good hearts. Overland students are endlessly inspiring, interesting, and bring with them vast amount of personal experience from many backgrounds that makes the time fly-by.

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Learning about Leadership

Building Strong

My advice to new leaders: you should get the kids to buy into everything that you are doing as much as possible so that they can take ownership of THEIR trip. To do that, it is important to build relationships and find out about your team of students, really listen, check the ego, and ask earnest questions. It’s not easy! But it pays dividends throughout the trip and you’ll be thanking yourself for it in the end.

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