Lilly Bianchi

Assistant Director, Leader Hiring
“I’m constantly surprising myself with new passions and adventures.”

About Lilly

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of things: playing ice hockey, writing, bicycle touring, and, most recently, the Adirondack mountains.
I’ll give almost anything a try because you never know when it will spark new excitement.

I’ve been lucky to have a constantly growing and evolving role at Overland. As a student, my experiences built the foundation for a love of challenge and the outdoors that carried me all the way to leader training here in Williamstown. For five summers, I led trips and worked on the operations team. Connecting with students and co-leaders to move through challenges and appreciate the world around us has been one of my greatest joys. I will never forget my students’ strengths. Watching them embrace every challenge with perseverance and wonder was incredible.
To me, that’s the essence of Overland: to find joy in difficult moments because you’re surrounded by people who care.

I look forward to helping both leaders and students grow from their experiences with Overland and working with such a dedicated and compassionate team. Overland leaders have an amazing opportunity to inspire their students and I am so excited to help them feel empowered and prepared for their summer.

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