Katie Cullen

Assistant Director, Admissions
“Growing up as a competitive dancer, I found joy in perfecting the details.”

About Katie Cullen

I worked as a dance instructor in high school, meticulously creating jazz, tap, and ballet class curriculums and helping students try new things.

In my senior year, also wanting to try something new, I signed up for an Overland trip. My time as an Overland student inspired a deep love for the outdoors within me and led me to pursue a major in environmental law at the University of Michigan. The opportunity to lead for Overland in Maine and Norway during college summers combined my experience working with kids with my passion for the power of being outside and appreciation of nature. As a leader, watching my students’ confidence grow throughout our trips was my favorite part of the experience. It is incredible to watch people tap into their potential and complete challenges, especially when getting to do it in breathtaking places around the world.

As a member of the Admissions team at Overland, I love being able to focus on the details of my work to facilitate our connections with families and allow for students to have seamless and enjoyable summer experiences. It is truly special to be part of Overland!

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