Brooks Brown

Assistant Director, Trip Planning
"Growing up, I thought I had the Nile River in my backyard."

About Brooks Brown

As a little kid, I would set off on these grand adventures with my trusty English Setter, Max, a walking stick in one hand, some lunch for the day in another, and the ambition and curiosity to take on the world.

Whether it was orchestrating a battle between acorns and pinecones or building houses for the trolls, I thought lived in the willows—exploring outside was always awe-inspiring. Despite my initial disappointment when I found out the Nile was, in fact, not in my backyard in Colorado, I remained undeterred from wanting to share my wonder and amazement with the outdoors with my family and friends.

Fast forward, and I shared my adoration for the outdoors with Overland students, running around the Swiss Alps and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 2022 and 2023. On those trips, I saw each student reconnect with their five-year-old self and find their own Nile River. That is what I find most powerful about Overland; it connects all of us – students, leaders, parents, year-round team, and alums – through this search for the adventures that ignite a passion within us for the world and all its possibilities.

I love my job. It is dynamic, exciting, and creative. I always thought planning outdoor trips would only be something I got to do in my free time, but it turns out you can make a profession out of it, too!

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