Brookline, MA
Mountains & Sea Adventure
Grades 4-6

Heidi's EXperience

new friends
& great hiking

Heidi is the oldest our of three children. We currently live in Brookline, MA but have previously lived in San Francisco, CA and Williamstown, MA. We enjoy hiking, watching movies, and making pancakes on weekend mornings.

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Growing Confidence

“For a 10-year-old to make the shift, even occasionally, from “how can I do this?” to “how can we do this?” is truly special.”

My Child’s Experience

Camaraderie in
shared experiences

We hoped Overland would be an opportunity for Heidi to have fun and make new friends who are passionate about exploring the outdoors. We also wanted her to have a unique experience, different from something we could accomplish as a family. Yes, we could go on similar hikes and do similar activities, but there is something special about being with peers from different places and backgrounds and finding camaraderie in shared

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growth and development

your strengths

We love that Overland trips can be an opportunity to make lifelong friends with folks you would not otherwise cross paths with. We particularly like the scope of the “adventure” trips and the opportunities for younger kids. The activities are appropriately challenging, but accessible, and there is plenty of fun mixed in. We like that part of the challenge isn’t necessarily getting to the top of the mountain, but getting the whole group to the top, acknowledging other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to succeed together.

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Playing games with your new friends is a core Overland experience, and the beautiful views just add to the magic!
Heidi's group tackles Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire — a fantastic challenge for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students!
Students return home with an increased sense of confidence, newfound curiosity about the world, and tangible accomplishments they can look back on and feel proud of.
A bike ride on Martha's Vineyard, with breaks for snacks and lunch and a visit to a local farm, is a perfect summer day!

on being far from home


This trip was the first time Heidi has been away from family–for two weeks no less–so that was a big part of the experience. She is used to hiking and camping, but only with family. Having three leaders to look up to and a group of similar age peers was a new experience for her. After the trip, Heidi seems to have a greater sense of independence and confidence. She also seems to take more pride in her accomplishments, even just with everyday things.

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