Chappaqua, NY
Rocky Mountain Expedition
Grades 9-11

Adam’s Experience

fueling a love
for the outdoors

We are a family of four, with two sons Daniel and Adam, plus three dogs, a cat, and a fish. We live in Chappaqua, NY. Both Martin and I are originally from Poland and we came to the US as kids. At home we speak a mixture of Polish and English. Adam is a sophomore at Horace Greeley. He loves the outdoors and travel, and takes after his dad, Martin, who is an adventurer. He loves being in nature through all seasons. We found Overland thanks to our neighbors, who also share a passion for outdoors, and their daughter Ellie’s experience. It was their stories about Ellie’s trip to Colorado that made us decide to send Adam.

impactful leaders

“Our favorite parts of Overland are the travel to experience new things, the challenge, and the people. The leaders have had a great impact on Adam, as have his peers.”

my child’s experience

unforgettable hiking

Adam used to go to a sleep away camp but frankly all he wanted to do was hike and keep moving. He used to sign up for all the hiking trips, and received an award at the camp for most miles hiked. We decided that activity was a better fit for him and started sending him to Overland instead. First, he did a short local trip with Overland in the Northeast, then after missing the summer of 2020, he did Alpine Explorer and Rocky Mountain Expedition. He is signed up to do the Alpine Challenge next summer.

growth and development

becoming a leader

Being with a new group of friends every year has been extremely positive as you have to adapt to a new environment, especially compared to a sleep away camp where you can gravitate to the same friends every year. Adam is very well-equipped to drop into any circle of new people and find his place. Overland also gave Adam a lot of confidence in his physical ability and in working with people. He always wanted to be at the front of the group and lead. But he’s simultaneously learned that leading on a hike is difficult because you are always as fast as the last person in the group and the leader in the group needs to be aware of the pace.

Overland groups are self-sufficient, and carrying everything you'll need for days at a time is a great point of pride for students and leaders alike.
We partner with highly-vetted and well-respected outfitters to introduce our groups to activities other than hiking... like whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River!
Our leaders are capable, caring, and enthusiastic, and their goal is to make sure that each student feels both supported and empowered.
Sunsets in camp are truly something special. No distractions, just you and your group in a phenomenal natural setting.

on being far from home

gaining independence

I love the independence gained through these experiences. It’s great to see the kids cooking for themselves and packing for themselves and just owning the moment. We love the idea of Adam being unplugged and away from his phone. As parents, we do look forward to getting pictures, though. Who are his friends, what are they doing, is he happy…? And, of course, no trip is perfect or exactly the way a parent imagines it: for instance, I’ve learned the high tolerance my kid has for mosquito bites!

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