Aditi & Krisha’s Story

Adventure, laughter, and fun

Colleyville, TX
Alpine Explorer
Grades 7-9

Aditi's & Krisha's Experiences

A Family
of Adventurers

We have lived in Colleyville, TX since 2011. Our three kids are in grades 8, 6 and 4, and they are involved in many activities, including gymnastics, swimming, tennis, art, yoga, and music. We love reading, traveling, playing board games, spending time with friends and family, and seeking out new adventures to expand ourselves beyond what we thought we could do. We found Overland through our close friend whose two kids had done various Overland trips and had a wonderful experience. Our oldest daughter, Aditi, has participated in New England Adventure, Maine Adventure and Alpine Explorer. Our middle daughter, Krisha Modi, has participated in Berkshire Adventure, and looks forward to more experiences with Overland, as does our youngest daughter.

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New Cultures & Experiences

“In sending our kids to Overland, our goal was for them to become adventurous, acquire independence, confidence and leadership. We also wanted them to be exposed to different cultures and experiences which would stretch them beyond their comfort zone.”

My Children's Experiences

Independent &

Each child experiences Overland differently: Aditi has become more independent and adventurous, and has pushed her physical capabilities with this last backpacking/ trekking trip in the Swiss Alps. Krisha has become more confident in herself and now reaches out to make new friends, which was a bit tough for her as she is introverted by nature.

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Growth and Development

An Immersive

Along with everything else, we love that Overland immerses our kids in nature and asks them to spend time in the midst of other kids with different backgrounds and interests.

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There's nothing more cozy than an alpine hut to punctuate a great day in the mountains. Aditi and her group enjoyed a game of Uno at the Geltenhütte.
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Taking trail-side breaks is important, and who doesn't love a quick photo-op?
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Overland trips are a reminder of the grandeur of the world around you. Let the natural beauty of a place inspire you.
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Sampling the local cuisine is a must on Overland trips, especially when it's the best hot chocolate of your life.

On Being Far From Home

Making New Connections

We sought out an experience that required our kids to disconnect from home networks and support systems because both of us were able to live away from home for a period of time, and that experience helped to develop our character in a positive manner. We thus wanted a similar experience for our kids.

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