Will Savage

Assistant Director, Leader Hiring
“I have always loved stories.”

About Will Savage

It doesn’t matter if I am listening to, reading, watching, or telling stories, but I have found that my favorite stories always involve being outside. I don’t know why this is, perhaps it’s the element of adventure or the feeling of being in the “wild.” Most likely it’s that adventures outside are almost always shared with friends, both new and old.

When I was younger, I was lucky enough to go camping once a month with a group of neighbors and friends, where being potty trained was the only qualification. Since then I have spent many weekends exploring the Texas Hillcountry by kayak and canoe. More recently, I spent my time in college exploring the forests and mountains of Maine, leading trips through the Bowdoin Outing Club. The best part of all of these experiences was the opportunity to explore new places while learning new skills and making friends along the way. One of those friends happened to tell me about Overland in 2020 and I jumped at the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the outdoors with others. In the following summers, I led Alaska Explorer and Sierra Expedition before starting full-time in the office.

Working in Leader Hiring, I am excited to introduce new leaders from all different walks of life to the Overland community. I have seen firsthand how incredible summer with Overland can be and can’t wait to help other leaders and students experience it.

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