Meg Pandiscio

Assistant Director, Trip Planning
“I grew up walking to school every morning.”

About Meg Pandiscio

Beginning each day with a moment outside set the tone for the rest of my education. Growing up in Maine, and attending college in Vermont, I was fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful outdoor landscapes to explore. From day one, Overland fit seamlessly into this routine – a community centered around sharing time outside with friends.

I am constantly inspired by watching how Overland students push themselves to try something new and engage intentionally with their groups. I learned about Overland in my first weeks at Middlebury College, and was immediately drawn to the fun, challenging, and dynamic summer trips. I led for three summers, in Maine, Vermont and across the country, captivated by the way students created community within their group. Now, I spend my days translating the thrill of waking up every morning to a new day on an Overland trip to imagining how all the little details come together to create a transformative, challenging, and fun, summer adventure.

For as long as I can remember, I would dream of weekends exploring the mountains. As a trip planner, I now have the joy of putting together these experiences for our students and leaders.

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