Chris McAlister

Director, Operations

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Organization is my middle name. From a young age, I enjoyed putting things in their place.

When I was eight, I would pull everything out of the linen closet and refold it all into neat color-coded and sized piles. In college, I folded for The Gap.  After college, I had a brief stint as a home/closet organizer. My career path from there is quite varied, but in every position my organizational skills have come in handy.

I joined Overland just after moving to Williamstown from Boulder, Colorado.  I wasn’t looking for a job, but there was something about the people and the energy that seemed like a good fit.  I was immediately attracted to the collaborative atmosphere, and, of course, there were tons of organizational opportunities.

I love my job. I get to wear many hats, and I get to work with great people who are smart, thoughtful and fun.  I organize details, forms, numbers and people.  I love finding the missing piece of the puzzle.  To do all of that and work toward a goal that I believe in is really quite special. Being a parent makes me appreciate all the work we do even more.