Overland’s Best Day Hikes: Crystal Peak near Breckenridge, Colorado (updated 3.28.24)

Breckenridge, Colorado, has some beautiful day hikes. If you’re headed to Breckenridge, and want to get out on a day hike, then read on!

A day hike in the Rockies in the summer is just about the perfect way to spend a day outdoors. The Crystal Peak Day Hike described in this post starts at the Spruce Creek Trailhead and goes only as far as the saddle below the peak. This is the part of the hike that will appeal to the widest possible audience (beyond the saddle the hike becomes significantly more challenging).

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Information at a Glance 
  • Part Two: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Overview 
  • Part Three: Report from Overland Leader, Allie Braun 
  • Part Four: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Helpful Basics 
  • Part Five: Area Map (courtesy of Gaia GPS
  • Part Six: Topo Map and Elevation Profile  (courtesy of Gaia GPS
  • Part Seven: Crystal Peak Trailhead Information
  • Part Eight: Additional Resources

Part One: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Information at a Glance

  • Where: Near Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Distance: Approximately 9 Miles Round Trip
  • Duration: About 5 Hours (without stops)
  • Elevation Gain: Just about 3,650 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderately challenging
  • Popularity: High
  • Trailhead: Spruce Creek Trailhead

Part Two: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Overview

The Crystal Peak Day Hike near Breckenridge, Colorado, starts at the Spruce Creek trailhead. The first mile or so of the trail is below tree line. About a mile in there is a turnoff for Francie’s Cabin; Crystal Peak will soon come into view. After another mile, you’ll reach Lower Crystal Lake. At just below 13,000 feet there is a steep cutoff to the saddle. 

  • Picturesque 360-degree views of the Tenmile Range once you reach the summit.
  • An opportunity to hike along two Alpine lakes, Upper and Lower Crystal Lake. 
  • A chance to see a Colorado Mountain Hut, Francie’s Cabin, established in 1994, a great hut for beginners and families, at 11,360 feet.

Part Three: Report from Overland Leader, Allie Braun

My favorite hike in Colorado, hands down, is Overland’s Rocky Mountain Explorer challenge hike: The Crystal Peak Day Hike.

The trailhead for the Crystal Peak Day Hike is about a 15-minute drive outside Breckenridge, Colorado, a picturesque gold rush town. Breckenridge is about two hours west of Denver.

The trailhead starts and ends at the Spruce Creek Trailhead. Crystal Peak is part of the Tenmile Range, so the hike is strenuous, regardless of hiking experience and age. I would rate Crystal Peak as challenging since it is a 9-mile roundtrip with about 3,650 feet of elevation gain. 

The hike starts with the trail to the saddle’s most challenging part: a steep dirt road / jeep track for about a mile over rocky terrain. The scenery, however, is outstanding. Once you rise above tree line after the initial uphill section there is a stunning 360-degree view of Crystal Peak, Peak One, and Crystal Lake (and if you’re lucky, you might even see some moose or mountain goats!).

Importantly, one should be cautious about continuing past the saddle to the peak. Without the right equipment and experience, the hike to the peak is too dangerous for most day hikers, with loose rocks and a lack of a clearly visible trail. It is prudent to stop at the saddle, which offers equally impressive views. 

I love this hike, especially as a sunrise hike. The rising sun illuminating the trees, lakes, and mountains on your way up is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On our Rocky Mountain Explorer trips, Crystal Peak was often the favorite hike of the whole trip. Despite the trail’s difficulty, the feeling of accomplishment at reaching the saddle was a real high for most students. It gave the group a sense of teamwork, determination, and inspiration. A memorable experience for me was watching our third Rocky Mountain Explorer group share a group hug at the top, congratulating one another, and commenting on how much of an accomplishment this hike was for them. Crystal Peak will always have a place in my heart. It was perfect for the Overland leaders and our students. And this hike has an additional bonus: spending the rest of the day exploring the lovely town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Overland Leader Allie Braun At-A-Glance

Hometown: Missoula, Montana

College, Major: University of Oregon Major- Fine Arts with a minor in Environmental Studies

Trips: In 2022, Allie was on Overland’s Field Staff: she led a New England Adventure trip, and a portion of Maine Coast Explorer. In 2023 Allie led Rocky Mountain Explorer. She’s headed to Norway in 2024 to lead Norway Explorer.

What one of Allie’s Co- Leaders Had to Say:

Allie’s greatest strengths were in organizational areas as well as being fantastic with students. Allie took initiative on tasks, handled all situations beautifully, and was a stand-up role model.

Part Four: Crystal Peak Day Hike, Helpful Basics

  1. Nearest town: Breckenridge, Colorado (about fifteen minutes by car from the Spruce Creek Trailhead—see below).
  2. Distance from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge: Usually about two hours, but can vary +/- thirty minutes (or more) due to traffic on I-70.
  3. Estimated time roundtrip: about five hours. This time estimate does not include stops for water, snacks, rest, views, or lunch.
  4. Starting elevation: Just about 10,000 feet
  5. Elevation gain to the saddle: Approximately 3,650 feet
  6. Tree Line: The trail starts below the tree line, but soon pushes beyond it.

Part Five: Area Map (courtesy of Gaia GPS

Part Six: Topo Map and Elevation Profile  (courtesy of Gaia GPS

Part Seven: Crystal Peak Trailhead Information

The Spruce Creek Trailhead is located a short drive (about fifteen minutes) from the center of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Part Eight: Additional Resources

There are (at least) two variations of this hike on the AllTrails site—check out: 

The Hiking Project has a description of the Crystal Peak day hike all the way to the peak: 

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