How Does A Professional Photographer Tell A Story? Overland’s Luke Madden in New England

In this post, we’ve asked professional photographer, Luke Madden, to tell us a bit about some of his favorite Overland photos in New England. For anyone who aspires to be a professional photographer, these photos and comments can show you how a seasoned pro does it.

Mt Greylock is a quintessential part of the New England introductory trips like Berkshire Adventure. It’s the highest point in Massachusetts, and on a personal note, my parents got married there. It’s a special place to me, and it often is for the students after they get to the top. For most of them it’s the biggest physical accomplishment they’ve taken on. And the view from the top is hard to beat (on a sunny day).”

Service and Hiking New England is a trip I’ve always enjoyed photographing, especially on the days spent at Caretaker Farm. It is a classic New England farm, and the landscape there is beautiful. After a day in the dirt, the expressions I photograph on this day are usually those of accomplishment and camaraderie.”

“Another classic New England feature are the boulders found on top of some of the higher peaks that we hike on Mountains & Sea Adventure, New England Explorer, and Appalachian Trail Expedition. The sheer size of them is humbling especially given that they lie on top of mountains. Pair that with the rolling green-blue landscape of Vermont or New Hampshire and an Overland group and you can’t go wrong.”

“Cuteness is undeniably a part of photographing Overland’s intro trips (especially Berkshire Adventure). Students of that age are so unguarded in their enthusiasm that sometimes all you have to do is point the camera and push the button. The feeling of accomplishment after their hikes quite often bring out the smiles and somehow they always have a little extra energy for piggy back rides. “

“This may be the best photo of Maine I’ve ever captured. Kayakers, a lighthouse and a lobster boat all in one frame – I couldn’t believe my luck when the student looked back and smiled. This was a highlight for me, and not just on New England Explorer, but on any Overland trip I photographed, anywhere in the world.” 

Luke Madden Biography

Luke has been photographing for Overland since the role was created in 2010. Working with the Overland team, the role of Overland photographer has evolved into a critical means of sharing the Overland story with families, leaders, and the outdoor community. Luke has traveled across the country and around the world to capture the Overland experience. During the rest of the year, Luke lives in Maine and does freelance work for a number of nonprofits which specialize in education and research / conservation.

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    Tom Costley

    When Tom Costley founded Overland in 1984, he sought to create experiences for young people that were fun, where new friendships could grow, where natural beauty was embraced, where there were real and varied challenges, and where Overland’s students would achieve something of importance to them. Overland’s focus on small groups, carefully crafted trips, and superlative leadership has made it a leader in the summer camp world. Overland’s commitment to excellence in everything it does has led to its success: over the past four decades, Overland has served 40,000 students and 5,000 trip leaders. Tom writes about the outdoors and travel from Williamstown, Massachusetts.

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