Jacklyn Matts

Director, Technology & Development
“As a technology evangelist, I’m focused on how people experience and either benefit from or struggle with the systems they use each day.”

About Jacklyn Matts

When I was 14, I wrote my first piece of software. It was a catalog of plant species for my mom’s landscaping projects. Writing code came naturally, but the look of wonder and delight on my mom’s face when her ideas were transformed into something real and useful — that’s the reaction I chase with every project.

I’ve consulted on several projects with Overland in the past and was delighted when offered the opportunity to take a more direct role within the organization. The focus on team-building and leadership development built into each Overland trip is clearly evident among the office staff and just one of the things that made me feel like Overland would be a great fit.

It’s been rewarding to work with each team at Overland, developing solutions that meet varying challenges while maintaining a consistent, cohesive flow of information throughout all the processes that converge each summer. I like to think my software frees my coworkers from the mundane and allows Overland to focus on what’s truly important — providing engaging and rewarding experiences for each student every summer.

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