Service & Hiking Colorado

High country service and hiking.

Service, friends, and fun in Colorado’s high country.

Volunteering in the Rockies — on the trail and at a community-supported farm — multiplies the value of our service projects as the beauty of the landscape naturally leads to feelings of connection to the land and to those you share it with.

Perched at 10,152 feet, Leadville, Colorado, is a dynamic, high-alpine community in the heart of the Rockies. Leadville serves as an ideal base for two weeks of active exploration and meaningful environmental engagement. We’ll help a local conservation group in its efforts to provide healthy affordable food options for the Leadville community. Next we will focus on trail-building and reconstruction, partnering with a professional trail crew with the help of local volunteers and learning new skills as we work to improve Leadville’s trail system. As we gain confidence on the trail and grow closer as a group, we’ll see the power of our combined efforts and feel the accomplishment of making a lasting impact.

When our work is done, we’ll venture into the backcountry. We’ll explore Colorado’s rugged alpine landscapes, traversing spectacular passes with views of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive. The backcountry offers us the opportunity to be fully present in our surroundings and with our group–it’s Overland at its best. Our three days in the backcountry will also give us the chance to use the trails we’ve helped build and reconstruct for so many hikers.

Next, we’ll hit the water for a two-day rafting excursion out of Buena Vista. With professional guides at the helm, we’ll explore a section of the Arkansas River through Brown’s Canyon. Dynamic and fun, our time on the water will provide us with a new perspective on the Colorado landscape.

At trip end, we’ll look back on two weeks of environmental engagement and exploration. More than that, though, we’ll have felt and shared the satisfaction of working together towards a common goal. With our trip mates and leaders, we’ll have made a lasting and important impact on the land we explored — and we’ll have made lasting and important friendships with each other.

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