Rocky Mountain Explorer

Two incredible weeks out West.

The American West — beautiful and legendary — for two weeks of exploration, friendship, and fun.

There’s an irresistible draw to the West: it’s open, big, and beautiful. It looms large in our collective imagination. But how do you experience it? For over 30 years, we’ve answered that question with a small number of carefully crafted trips.

Rocky Mountain Explorer offers two spectacular weeks out West. The trip is perfectly paced: start with day hikes, move to a back-country hike, then go rafting. And then, at the end of the trip, when skills and fitness are at their finest, we head to a peak for a final challenge. We will scramble towards the top and look out at the West and all of its beauty and grandeur.

As with every Overland trip, you’ll be in the capable, caring hands of two wonderful Overland leaders. We call them leaders, but they’re more than that, much more: they’re leaders, yes, but they’re also mentors, role models, and friends.

When you head home, you’ll take the West with you. The West will be a part of you — we know it will. And you’ll be back. We know that, too.

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