Norway Explorer

Two weeks in Norway, a country of remarkable natural beauty.

The Land of the Midnight Sun.

In a country where the summer sun never quite sets, we’ll explore Norway’s trails by foot and fjords by kayak.

Norway’s got it all: breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, a fascinating culture, and some of the most stunning summer hiking there is.

After we meet in Oslo, we’ll travel to the Hardangervidda National Park area to hike and get our legs ready for the days to come.

Next, we’ll sea kayak through the fjords. On our three-day trip, we’ll paddle among Norway’s famous fjords, including Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’ll cook together each night with our guides, enjoying Norway’s 24-hour summer light.

We’ll finish with a backpacking trip through Aurlandsdalen, on one of Norway’s classic hiking routes. The locals are adamant that there are trolls along this route – we’ll just have to see for ourselves! Our sense of camaraderie will be strong now, and we’ll be at our best as we enjoy the beauty of Norway’s landscape on our trek together.

Back in Oslo, we will reflect on the things we’ve accomplished and the friends we’ve made. There will be stories to tell, and we’ll know that when we head home, this journey will stay with us forever. Having spent time in such a unique place, with people that we’ve come to care about, our desire to explore will continue to grow.

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