Maine Coast Explorer

Hike, backpack, and paddle throughout Maine's coastal wilderness.

Explore Maine’s coast and mountains: sea kayak and camp on Hurricane Island, backpack the White Mountains, and hike Mount Katahdin.

Maine offers all we could ever want in an explorer trip. Hiking, backpacking, and sea kayaking. Beauty, challenge, and fun.

We’ll start with a backpacking trip in the White Mountains. It’s important to get moving, to get working, to get to know one another. Hiking on the trail — away from distractions — will give us the chance to do all of these things (and have fun and make friends in the process!).

Then it’s off to Hurricane Island. Maine’s mid-coast islands are quintessential Maine: rocky, forested, lightly populated, and surrounded by deep, cold, and clear water. On Hurricane Island, we’ll explore the island by foot, rock climb, and study Leave No Trace principles — how to travel lightly, leaving no indication we’ve been there.

Near Camden, we’ll kayak and then head to Katahdin. Kayaking with guides is an ideal way to experience coastal Maine — it’s a beautiful, fun change of pace. After a day of kayaking, we’ll hike to the top of Mount Katahdin, Maine’s tallest mountain and the peak where the Appalachian Trail ends. This is the challenge our group has been preparing for since our first days together. This is where we will put it all together.

In the end, Maine Coast Explorer is about more than the activities, more than the places. Just as with every Overland trip, Maine Coast Explorer is about the challenges and the accomplishments, the friendship and the fun.

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