Language & Hiking France

Fall in love with French—and France—in the French Alps.

Experience the beauty of the French language, landscape, and culture.

We’ve always approached learning French in our own, unique way. Based in Chamonix in the French Alps, receive language instruction every weekday, enjoy hikes in the Alps, and weekend excursions to Alpine villages.

We knew we wanted native-speaker instructors. And not just any native speakers. We have always worked with experienced teachers, with a proven curriculum, and lots of local knowledge.

And, we wanted a lot of instruction. In class and out, five mornings a week. Location was important, for a lot of reasons. We chose Chamonix because it’s beautiful and exciting and nestled below some of the world’s most spectacular mountains.

Because it’s summer, and we’re in the mountains, we also want to be outside, hiking. It’s who we are: adventurous, energetic people who love the idea of learning a gorgeous language and then heading up into the mountains for an afternoon of fresh air and fitness, friendships and fun.

Where do you want to learn French? And once your lessons are done, how do you want to spend your days? If you’re like us, you’ll pack up your hiking boots and your English-French dictionary and head for the Alps. Allons-y!

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