Larkspur, CA
Northwest Explorer
Grades 6-9

Skye’s Experience

perseverance &

I am a freshman at Redwood High School in Larkspur, California. I love sports including water polo and skiing! I also sail for my school’s team. I live in both Marin County and San Francisco. I love to spend time with my friends, one of whom I met on Overland and is now one of my closest friends! I also love going to NFL games, swimming, and listening to music.

A journey to remember

“Thank you to my trip leaders both last year and this year. Overland has been the best experience of my life so far and taught me so much about perseverance and the importance of teamwork.”

The best part

beautiful natural

This past summer my favorite moment was enjoying a beautiful sunset on a mountain near Mt. Baker with my group. Everyone was so happy and fulfilled after a long day of hiking and finally sitting down with a perfect sunset.

Unexpected Parts

breathtaking views
at every turn

I knew that Washington was a beautiful state, but I didn’t expect to be amazed by everything we saw – waterfalls, alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, huge forests, and seaside views. I remember each place we went to in such detail and I couldn’t believe that every place we saw was so beautiful.

On Northwest Explorer, students hike in the shadow of Mt. Baker, a towering glacier-topped mountain in the Cascades.
Playing trail games, solving riddles, telling stories, singing songs — these are the hallmarks of any great backcountry trip!
Overland groups reach the summit as a team, with each student motivating one another to reach the top and take in the spectacular views.
Whether you're new to backpacking and camping or not, our Explorer trips are carefully planned to provide age-appropriate challenges and fun activities to middle-school students.

My Group

Forming new

It’s difficult to explain to others the environment Overland creates, but it is truly amazing and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to experience it. I bonded with everyone on the trip! It never felt like there were cliques or anything like that, the group was united and did things together. Everyone was so kind; we all still have a big group chat that we use a lot to catch up. And, one of the girls I met on the trip, Annabelle, lives in my area and we are now really close friends.

My Leaders

positivity &

My Overland leaders Jack and Kaitlyn were so amazing. They were both so open, accepting, kind, knowledgeable, optimistic, and prepared for anything. Jack and Kaitlyn made every situation fun and memorable, they truly embodied positivity and motivated the whole group on every hike to keep going. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without them and I’m so glad I got to meet them over this past summer!

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