Jack Brown

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire
College: Dartmouth College

An avid traveler, I like to challenge myself to do more than sight-see when visiting new places; meeting local people who can teach me about their way of life and about the challenges within their community is the most rewarding way to explore.

Last year, I did environmental volunteer work in Costa Rica and looked for ways to apply my background in engineering to the issues that matter most to me. Originally from Hanover, New Hampshire, I went to Dartmouth College, where I stayed an extra year to earn a bachelor’s in engineering in 2015. During my years as a student, I enjoyed many extra-curricular activities such as performing comedy shows in an improv group, mentoring underprivileged teens from the area through a volunteer program, club sports and leading outdoor freshman orientation trips. Instead of studying abroad, I spent my sophomore winter interning for a nonprofit in rural India that develops sustainable technologies designed to increase the quality of life for low-income farmers.

In 2014, I led Southwest Service; in 2018, I led Alaska Challenge; and in 2019, I worked as a member of the Operations Team. As a leader, it was a joy for me to watch my students step out of their comfort zone to try new things and to accept each other’s differences so they could form lasting friendships over their new experiences. They were challenged by their environment in Alaska and felt accomplished, too.