Dan Morris

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
College: Colorado College

In September, I joined Overland’s year-round staff as a trip planner.

Born in Rockville, Maryland, I graduated from Colorado College in 2016 as a double major in music and psychology with hopes of studying how music can be applied to various therapeutic settings for those in need. During my time at CC, I was active within the music community on campus, having played bass/guitar in a bluegrass ensemble and saxophone in the Colorado College Concert Band; I continue to play guitar and piano in my free time. I studied the music of J. S. Bach in Germany in December of 2013, and I was a teacher’s assistant for a music class in Paris, France, in October of 2015. After graduation, I worked as a paraprofessional for the Colorado College Music Department. I enjoy many sports including soccer, ultimate Frisbee and water polo. Also, I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking and swimming.

In 2013, I led Berkshire Adventure; in 2015, I led Berkshire Adventure and Pacific Coast; in 2016, I led the American Challenge; and in 2017, I led the European Challenge. While leading the American Challenge, I learned that our Overland students learn and grow even more than they believe they can.