In 2018, Overland awarded over $239,000 in financial aid and scholarships.

All year long, our admissions team works closely with families to find the right fit for their children, and in doing so we often meet families for whom an Overland trip would not be possible without financial aid. We are eager to help these families; awards ranged from 10% to 50% of the trip fee.

We are also committed to building partnerships with foundations and schools. We currently work with Beacon Academy, Cristo Rey School, The Ellie Burns Foundation, Impact360, The Squash and Education Alliance and The Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP), and we expect to add new partners each year. Many of our scholarship students receive 75%-95% financial support from Overland. In some cases, our generous partner organizations contribute to the cost of the trip, reducing the expense for families even further. Overland is also able to assist some scholarship students with gear and transportation, as well as assistance through the enrollment process.

We award the majority of our aid for trips starting in Williamstown, Massachusetts—this stretches our financial aid dollars, makes it easy to lend equipment and bikes, and, in many cases, reduces travel expenses to and from the trip. We welcome applications for trips based outside of Williamstown, though aid for non-local trips is limited and awarded at the end of our enrollment season in late April. Your flexibility in trip placement will increase your chances of financial assistance. Though we strive to meet the needs of all interested families seeking financial aid, we cannot guarantee an offer. When a financial aid award is offered and accepted, a non-refundable deposit is due (amount to be determined by Overland).