Writing & Hiking New England

Two weeks of learning and fun.

Improve your writing while exploring the Berkshires.

Writing & Hiking New England offers mornings in small classes with inspiring teachers followed by afternoons—and a weekend—of hiking, rafting, and exploring.

Supportive trip mates, dynamic leaders, and experienced teachers: these are the key components of Overland’s writing programs. As an individual writer, you will explore your voice and improve your skills. The class meets in the morning (when everyone is fresh) and works hard for three hours — a significant, sustained engagement with the coursework.

We can’t write all day, so in the afternoon, it’s time to get outside. And what an outside it is: the Berkshires and Vermont’s Green Mountains are ideal for hikes. Of course, the first hikes are shorter and easier, but working at it every day soon increases everyone’s skills and fitness — yours, too.

On the weekend, it’s time to camp and raft. It’s perfect: after a week of great classwork and fun afternoon hikes, we’ll be ready for a change, for more. So we’ll organize the camping gear, pack up, and head for the hills. After camping and hiking, we’ll raft the Deerfield River.

During the second week, we’ll pull it all together. Not just the writing (developing a portfolio), and not just the hiking (climbing the tallest mountain in Massachusetts), but the whole experience: learning and fun and friends and everything that makes an Overland summer great. We will realize that the strength of the experience is in the relationships — the friendships that make the hard work fun, that keep spirits up on the trail, that fill every day with laughter and smiles.

You’ll head home a better writer. But just as importantly, you’ll head home more fit, with new friends and fond memories. Writing & Hiking New England — an ideal learning environment, certainly, but more than that, much more than that.

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