Ride the length of Vermont (and have a blast doing it!).

Vermont in the summerperfect!

Bike along green fields, by red barns, and past white-steepled churches on Vermont’s beautiful back roads.

Biking is fun — really fun — because we do it with a group of new friends. We take our time — it isn’t a race. We stop a lot — for water and snacks and lunch and, yes, for Ben & Jerry’s.

The camping is fun, too, and so are the games and the kayaking. Come to think of it, it’s all fun. That’s the point — two weeks of fun, with new friends and two great Overland leaders.

The kids who come are adventurous, enthusiastic, and friendly. And a lot of them — most of them actually — have never been on a bike trip before. That’s okay. Everyone learns quickly, and our Overland leaders are there to motivate, encourage, and support — every mile of the way from Massachusetts to Canada.

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