Service & Hiking Maine

Through service, we’ll discover the many faces of Maine.

Meaningful engagement and active exploration: discovering the many faces and facets of Maine.

Beauty coexists with poverty; challenge coexists with hope. Maine offers stunning landscapes, but also invites us to explore the challenges its communities face.

We’ll start with work in community gardens and on local farms, learning about food systems and food access. We will partner with a teen agriculture program to deliver produce to food pantries close by — a perfect opportunity to build relationships and better understand the community where we are living and working.

We’ll then make our way north toward Baxter State Park, stopping to canoe on the Penobscott River for two days before we arrive. At Baxter State Park, we’ll hike, camp, and improve the grounds of the park. Light construction will push us to work as a team to enhance the park and make it more accessible to hikers for years to come — and along the way we’ll enjoy hiking and camping, having fun and making friends.

Having gained strength, experience, and closeness as a group, we’ll undertake a challenge hike of Mount Katahdin. Katahdin is the tallest peak in Maine and also marks the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. It’s a big undertaking, but one we’ll be ready for.

At trip end, we’ll look back on two weeks of stewardship and awareness, teamwork and accomplishment in Maine. We’ll have discovered the many faces and facets of the state, and we’ll be eager to continue to learn and explore the needs of other communities — whether that means engagement close to home or much farther afield.

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