Pyrenees Expedition

Three weeks on foot in Spain's Pyrenees.

Hike Spain’s Pyrenees for three incredible weeks.

In the Pyrenees, it’s not just about the hiking: it’s about the hiking, and the culture, and the food, and a mountain way of life.

It’s a great set-up: great hiking plus a look into an ancient mountain culture. The Pyrenees are arid, rocky, and remote, and the hiking is excellent. The mountain culture is a blend of Spain (which we’re in) and France (which is just over there). The trails are well-worn footpaths used by mountain dwellers for centuries (think shepherds with sheep or goats).

The hiking is challenging, but the rewards are many. In fact, the rewards are many because the hiking is challenging. It’s counter-intuitive, but at Overland — and in life — we have more fun and make closer friends when we’re challenged, when we have to pull together.

At every step of the way, two caring, responsible, adventurous, and fun Overland leaders will be looking out for you, supporting you, and encouraging you. It’s a great way to see the world, to push the boundaries of your experience, while at the same time having the support of two terrific leaders.

What’s it all add up to? Hiking and culture in one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges, and then, when we head out of the Pyrenees, we’ll celebrate with a dinner out in dynamic, exciting Barcelona — now that’s a great trip.

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