Pacific Coast

Bike, raft, and explore the Pacific Coast.

A beautiful coast, a famous bridge, a great three weeks.

Ride through cool, misty mornings and stop for sunny picnics on rugged beaches. At trip end, experience the exhilaration of riding across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Biking point-to-point, as we do on the Pacific Coast, lends a wonderful simplicity, a clear focus to the trip. “What are we doing today?” Riding south. “Where are we going?” San Francisco. “What’s our goal?” The Golden Gate Bridge.

Along the way, it’s non-stop beauty. Staggering beauty, actually. The vast blue Pacific. Towering dark redwoods. Tiny charming towns. It’s incredible — just about every day offers some new take on coastal beauty.

The riding is challenging, but not overly so. You have to work hard (you’re going all the way to San Francisco!), but there’s a wide range of terrain, frequent stops (for rest and water and snacks and lunch) and a group of like-minded peers who will cheer you on and on and on. And when you cross into California, you’ll take a break from the bikes to raft the Klamath River for two days.

When you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, you will have succeeded. But you won’t have done it alone — you’ll have done it with the newest, closest friends you might ever have and the most wonderful leaders you’re ever likely to meet.

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