Sierra Explorer

Mountains, lakes, and sunshine in California's high country.

The Sierras are bold and wild, impressive and inspiring.

Sierra Explorer offers thoughtfully designed activities: hiking, backpacking, rafting. All perfectly sized and paced for our groups.

The goal is friendship: Time together in a new and exciting place, shared tasks and challenges, teamwork and group living. Wonderful friendships grow in a positive, supportive, and wholesome atmosphere overseen and nurtured by Overland’s leaders.

The focus is fun: Many — maybe even most — of the kids who come are first-timers on a trip like this, so we keep the focus on fun, the tone upbeat.

At trip end, we’ll revel in the places we’ve been and the feats we’ve accomplished. Even more so, we’ll enjoy the bonds we’ve created as a group — the type of bonds that come from spending two weeks in a beautiful place, pursuing fun activities, and relying on each other for support.

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