Nova Scotia & Acadia

Explore maritime Canada and Acadia by bike!

Rocky coves, lobster boats, seals in the distance: this is Nova Scotia & Acadia.

Nova Scotia offers the charms of a foreign country close to home. It’s the little things that stand out: an accent deeply rooted in a centuries-long maritime tradition, a landscape dotted with working farms, small (really small!) towns, and big (really big!) seascapes.

Riding with a group and two Overland leaders makes it all so much fun. It’s not just what we’ll see and do — it’s who we’ll do it with that matters. We’ll visit Kejimkujik National Park and explore Kejimkujik Lake; in Lunenburg, we’ll take a break from riding to sea kayak the island-dotted coast. All good stuff, all made so much better by sharing it with a group of enthusiastic new friends and two caring Overland leaders.

Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain: the perfect end to three weeks of riding. Acadia is Maine’s coast distilled: all of the beauty you can imagine — the rocky shoreline, the deep blue water, the seals and bird life — it’s all here. And Cadillac Mountain is the ideal final ride: a challenge (but nothing we can’t handle) and a view we’ll always remember.

New friends, great leaders, biking, sea kayaking: when you come right down to it, this is Nova Scotia & Acadia.

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