Field Studies Ecuador & Galápagos

Explore Quito, take introductory Spanish lessons, and volunteer with local youth in a group of fun peers who are excited for adventure travel.

The Andes & Galápagos: three weeks in incredible Ecuador.

Ecuador will surprise you. In Quito — the world’s highest capital city at 9,350 feet — there’s a vibrant mixture of colonial past and Andean present. We’ll start with introductory Spanish classes, visits to the city’s historic center, and afternoons volunteering with under-served youth.

The Andes will amaze you. The Andes Mountains are home to a number of species of endemic plants — those which are found nowhere else in the world. Your group will progress from a day hike around a crater lake to a couple of multi-day treks at high altitude through the highlands of Ecuador to see beautiful alpine lakes, massive volcanoes, and stunning vistas.

The Galápagos will inspire you. We’ll have the chance to see diverse wildlife, including the giant tortoises for which the islands are named. We’ll visit Santa Cruz and Isla Isabela. Then, we’ll take a boat tour to an uninhabited island to see unique flora and fauna.

Your Overland leaders will support you — every day, every step of the way. They’re positive, enthusiastic, encouraging.

The closeness of your Overland group will sustain you — not just in Ecuador but long afterward, too. Sharing an experience such as this — so adventurous, so beautiful, and so compelling — brings a group together in unique ways. Our three weeks in Ecuador are made all the more incredible because of it.

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