European Challenge

Cross a continent from Munich to Barcelona.

Explore Europe on a challenging ride of unsurpassed beauty.

Bike past picturesque villages, snowcapped mountains, and big blue lakes. Explore six countries: Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, and Spain!

Europe by bike. In the summer. What could be better? On our European Challenge, we’ll ride through small towns and villages, along the shore of three Swiss lakes, and over a mountain range between France and Spain. That’s a lot of beauty, a lot of exploration, a lot of adventure every single day.

And we do all of this together. The European Challenge is, first and foremost, a group experience. Our group shares every sight, every discovery, every high point together. It makes the experience incredibly rich and rewarding.

When our goal is biking all the way across Europe — from Germany to Austria to Lichtenstein, then Switzerland to France and on to Spain — you can’t help but be changed by the experience: the world is so beautiful, so full of promise. And you, well, you’re incredibly independent and resilient, but you’re also a great friend and a great group member.

At trip end in Barcelona, we’ll look back on three weeks of beauty, challenge, friendship, and fun — but just as importantly, we’ll look back on an experience that couldn’t have been nearly as incredible had you not been on a bike, in a group, with a goal. Nothing could be better.

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