Canadian Rockies & Montana II

Two weeks of spectacular riding out West.

Picture big lakes, bigger mountains, and an even bigger sky.

For some students, CRM II, our two-week bike trip in the Rockies, is the capstone to a long Overland career. For others, it’s a first-time adventure. Either way, the rewards are many—and the fun and friends? Well, it’s an Overland trip, so they’re even greater.

Bike touring might just be the ideal way to see the West: the pace is perfect, you’re outside all day, and, it’s all about the journey—seeing and discovering and experiencing the West with a great group of new friends and two terrific Overland leaders.

When the riding is done, when the last meal has been served, and the last tent packed away, you’ll look back on an experience that extends far beyond the boundaries of your time in the Rockies. The trip will stay with you, timeless and legendary—just like the West itself.

Good Things to Know. CRM II (a two-week, level 9 trip) compares to European Challenge (a three week, level 9 ride from Munich to Barcelona) and the American Challenge (a six-week, level 10 ride from Savannah to Santa Monica). We plan to run just one section of CRM II (for a total of just 12 spots).

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