Lauren Earls

Director, Admissions

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According to my parents, from the time I was a little girl, I have had one foot out the door.

Whether I was running around the backyard on a sunny summer afternoon, camping with my family on the Canadian lakeshore or floating down the Amazon River, I was eager to step outside my boundaries and experience a world larger than the one that I had previously known. I have been lucky to explore incredible places like Peru, France and Colorado. These experiences have made me hungrier for more adventure and for opportunities to share my love of travel with others.

As a sophomore at Kenyon College, a friend suggested that leading for Overland would be a perfect combination of my interests. I attended an information session on campus and never looked back. For three summers, I led trips for Overland–first in New England, then in the Colorado Rockies and finally in the Alps. With each summer, I felt more a part of the incredible, inclusive and enthusiastic Overland community and more dedicated to Overland’s mission.

Working as a member of Overland’s year-round staff is an exciting next step. The office is upbeat and dynamic. It’s wonderful to work with people who are eager to learn and do their best every day. I also love living in and exploring the beautiful Berkshires. Each day, I work to give students a chance to expand their horizons and foster their passions—lucky me.