Laura Schoenbaum

Assistant Director, Admissions

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I spent my high school summers as a camper and counselor at a backcountry camp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

That’s where I learned that I was as fearless and capable as any of the boys. By the time I got to college I was ready for anything. My husband and I have been dedicated bikers and hikers for years, and now I also know how it feels to be the parent of an Overland student. It helps me at work to have experienced these kinds of adventures from so many perspectives.

I’d been living Overland vicariously through my daughter for years–she has been on six trips so far–and I wanted to be part of it. Actually, I was hooked after her first trip. I had been worried that she’d feel homesick and anxious to come home, but when her group arrived in Williamstown they were nearly impossible to separate. Her leaders had to tell us about the trip while the kids continued to pal around. Every year since has been the same, and after working at Overland for a few years, I feel just as excited as she does about next summer’s possibilities.

I love our mission here–sending kids on trips that I know will be life changing for them.