Kathleen Igoe

Assistant Director, Operations

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I was always the teacher when I played school with my older sister and younger brother.

I loved the classroom. Working with a group of people toward a common goal or understanding was energizing. After I graduated from college and became an Overland leader and an English teacher, I understood quickly that my main goal was to build confidence in my students and to encourage them to take risks. In my position at Overland, I write and edit and love being part of a team that creates summer experiences that allow students to tackle challenges as a group, feel a sense of accomplishment, have fun and make friends.

During my senior year at Williams, former Overland leaders suggested that I apply to lead. I led Cape Cod & the Islands in 1991. I was teaching English during the school year so I had my summers free, and I returned to Overland for three more summers (’92-’94) to lead two month-long Northern Rockies hiking trips and a month-long hiking trip in California. I valued the focus on the group and on appreciating each other and our gorgeous surroundings. In 2003, I moved back to Williamstown with my husband Jonathan, and in 2006, I started working in the office part-time.

I love my awesome co-workers. Kind, hilarious, enthusiastic and committed, the Overland year-round staff and leaders inspire me. I agree wholeheartedly with Overland’s mission. As a leader, I worked to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in each student. Like the students, I experienced life-changing summers with Overland. As a member of the year-round staff, I am excited to help create life-changing experiences for Overland students and leaders.