Jonathan Igoe

Managing Director

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For over 12 years, I have worked side by side with Liz and Tom Costley to guide Overland, to support our leaders and to be a resource to everyone in the Overland office.

Grounded in a core sense of purpose, we have expanded and embraced new horizons at Overland. We have created opportunities for a greater diversity of students and improved our training and support of our leaders as well. Our commitment to these transformative experiences led by outstanding role models has never been stronger. I will continue to work with our year-round staff and leaders to advance Overland’s mission.

As Overland parents, Kathleen and I have witnessed the power of an Overland trip with our daughter Lucy and our son Will. Our youngest child Bridget is so excited to participate in her first Overland trip this summer. As Director at Overland, I strive to commit myself wholeheartedly to your child’s well-being, growth, and happiness, knowing how important these opportunities have been for our family.