Conor O’Brian

Director, Leader Hiring

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Growing up, my family moved around quite a bit—from California to Pennsylvania, Hong Kong to New Hampshire, and, most recently, to Maine.

These transitions, while challenging, showed me how beneficial it can be for a person to step out of his comfort zone. Repeatedly finding myself in different places surrounded by a new group of people helped me become confident in who I am. I learned to embrace the concept of leaving behind the securities of home in order to throw myself into unfamiliar situations. This inspired me to study abroad on three separate occasions during college, including spending the final two years of my undergraduate career completing my degree overseas in Wales. Now, I’m lucky to work on the Overland team, where my primary role is to find great leaders to facilitate fun, enriching and rewarding summer experiences for each of our students.

During my high school and early-college summers working as a lifeguard and swim instructor, I discovered that I loved working with kids. I was searching for a way to combine this interest with my appetite for adventure, and during my junior year at Bates College, I saw an Overland poster in the dining hall. That evening, I applied to become a leader. I led trips for three incredible summers, and then I joined the year-round staff in Williamstown in the fall of 2016.

There is no better collection of people with whom to work and live than the Overland staff. Each person in the office shares the same determination to help create unforgettable adventures for kids, and no stone goes unturned as we prepare for the summer. The result is the Overland experience that I came to love as a leader, and now I get to help perpetuate that experience for future leaders and students.