Brenda Briguglio

Assistant Director, Admissions

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I spent many childhood summers at my grandparents’ house on a lake in northern Michigan; I was lucky.

My days were filled with swimming, boating, horseback riding, hiking and exploring on my own. The outdoors took care of me, and I loved the feeling at the end of the day as I nodded off to the sounds of the wilderness—so different from the sounds of the city during the school semester. In our Overland Poetry Book, we quote Jalil Al-Din who wrote, “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” I love being part of a team that creates opportunities for students to discover what they love every summer.

I wanted to learn more about the service programs Overland offered so I walked into the office one day with a resume, and a friendly staff member told me to walk right into Tom Costley’s office and introduce myself. There was a staff meeting going on. However, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. That was the summer of 2006, and I started working for Overland that fall. I left Overland in 2009, moved to Hawaii and then eventually returned to Williamstown in 2011, and I’ve been here ever since.

I enjoy meeting and getting to know new Overland leaders and greeting our returning leaders when they arrive for Leader Training. They are engaged, excited and dedicated young people. Many of the friendships I have made have continued over the years into graduate school, marriage and even children—the Overland connection spans the entire globe. I love working with our incredibly hard-working, fun, energetic and caring Admissions team and staff.