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Scouting Report: Norway Explorer

Discovery & Inspiration

For the second edition of our Fall Scouting series, we sat down with our Norway Explorer scouting team, @Annie Duryea and @Marisa Wesker, to hear about Overland’s trip for 7th and 8th graders to The Land of the Midnight Sun. 

They recently returned to our Williamstown office from the breathtaking fjords of Norway with endless stories – of beautiful hikes and mountain trolls – and lots of enthusiasm for next summer’s trips. 

The 4-day Aurlandsdalen trek is a highlight of Norway Explorer!
Overland has been in Norway since 2018. What were your goals when scouting this fall?

Marisa: Our goal in scouting for Norway Explorer was to make sure that the new itinerary, with the group flying into Bergen instead of Oslo, would provide the best possible experience for our 2023 groups! We also wanted to hike the new section of the Aurlandsdalen trek, to ensure it would be appropriately challenging while still doable for 7th and 8th graders.

Annie took a break to appreciate the view from the trail just past the Steinbergdalshytta (high-mountain hut accommodation).
Are there any exciting updates to the itineraries in 2023? If so, can you share the details?

Marisa: Yes! Two major changes. The first is that the group will fly into/out of Bergen instead of Oslo, which will hugely reduce the amount of time the group spends on buses and trains. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway and still feels relatively small and walkable. It’s a great place to begin the trip, with easy access to services, and to come back at the end for final dinner and town time. 

Annie: Another new exciting update is the Prest challenge hike. This hike is steep and challenging, but rewarding because its destination is a beautiful viewpoint of the Sognefjord. 

Marisa: For the challenging hike, they’ll begin at the top of the valley, hiking at the Saint Paul glacier, and meander across high-mountain plateaus before dropping into “The Grand Canyon of Norway” — a stunning valley with high granite walls, endless waterfalls, rushing streams and rivers, and breathtaking mountain views.

Our Norway Explorer groups will fly into the beautiful town of Bergen, Norway.
What are you most excited for students and leaders to experience on Norway Explorer next summer?

Annie: More time hiking and enjoying nature! Having the trek now be 4 days is going to help solidify routines and rhythms, which will, in turn, bond the group! I’m really excited for them to experience Stegastein or Prest – they are stunning!

Marisa: The day hike above the town of Aurlandsvangen to the top of Prest has, on a clear day, some of the best views I’ve ever seen. It’s a short but steep hike, so the group can take as long as they need to make it up to the top! The whole hike has incredible views but, at the summit, you can see all the way down the Aurlandsfjord and the snowy peaks beyond Prest.

Marisa and Annie imagine our students victorious at the top of Prest overlooking the Sognefjord.
What is your personal favorite part of the Norway Explorer itinerary?

Marisa: On the last day of our Aurlandsdalen trek, we walked into a little shaded glen and came upon three sheep owned by a nearby farmer. It quickly became clear that these sheep were extremely friendly, and they ambled over to Annie and me to poke around for treats. Undeterred by the fact that we had none to offer, they began licking our hands, chewing on our rain pants, and following us around! When we finally left the glen, they followed us a way down the trail — we could hear the bells around their neck clanging! Finally, when we approached a steeper section, they turned back and headed for the comfort of their meadow.

Annie: One of my favorite parts about the trip was the opportunity to meet new people! Our groups will have this same opportunity as they travel through Norway and stay at campgrounds and huts. Marisa and I were lucky to interact with different hut owners and employees. They were incredibly nice and welcoming. For example, when we got to the hut, we were the only ones staying there because it was late in the season, but they still made a delicious meal that was way more than we could eat! Plus, we got to learn about the history of the hut and about white reindeer!

Passing by new friends on the final descent of the Aurlandsdalen trek.
What makes Norway Explorer special to you? 

Marisa: Two things: the trek and the people. The Aurlandsdalen trek is probably the most famous hike in all of Norway (and perhaps Scandinavia) so it’s an incredible opportunity that our groups are able to complete the whole trail. We’re very grateful to be so welcomed by the communities along the trail. The people of Norway are unfailingly kind, welcoming, and accommodating. 

Annie: Norway Explorer is special because it’s a great trip for students who are just starting to travel outside of the US. Not only is Norway incredibly travel-friendly, but it also has so much beauty to be seen and history to learn about. 

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to camp in the fjords.
Do you have any advice for students interested in Norway Explorer next summer? 

Marisa: The Aurlandsdalen is challenging, so it’s important to prepare! Get comfortable in your boots, hike with your (weighted) backpack, and make sure your legs are strong. Your preparation will allow you to enjoy this incredible four-day trek, rather than spending the time uncomfortable due to new gear or physical fatigue. Also, Norway is great for dietary restrictions! They are very accommodating and menus often are pre-labeled with allergens.

Annie: My advice, first and foremost, is that if you’re considering Norway Explorer, go for it! It is 100% worth it and will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Our scouting trips take place during the fall season. So, although the fall colors are gorgeous, imagine this trek with a brilliant green summer hue!
Anything else you would like to add?

Marisa: During the second day of our Aurlandsdalen trek, Annie and I started singing. During our impromptu concert for two, Annie started in on “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. As she was singing, mostly to herself, she came to a point in the lyrics when she couldn’t remember if the line was “…and he said,” or “…and I said.” She went back and forth a few times — OUT LOUD — singing both versions and attempting to remember which was correct. After the third switch, I burst out laughing! I loved that she was trying so hard to get the correct lyrics, despite the fact that we were the only ones there. We laughed about it for a good few minutes, and I was reminded of one of the reasons I love being outdoors. These silly moments that might otherwise pass you by become so important, and hilarious, and they will always make you smile when you think of them. Overland trips create so many of these moments, and I can’t wait for a new group of students to experience them. 

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