John Barton

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
College: University of Virginia

This winter, I am working at the Overland office in Williamstown, and in March, I am moving to Argentina to teach English.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2019 where I double majored in Latin American studies and global development studies with a minor in urban and environmental planning. I have a passion for serving others, and this passion — combined with my facility for learning languages — has led me to work with communities across Latin America and in Virginia. I speak English and Spanish fluently and also speak proficient Portuguese and French. Last fall, I began studying Hindi and Urdu. At UVA, I was a Resident Assistant for my junior and senior years, and I was also a peer advisor for first year students. I volunteered as an ESL teacher, served as a senior translator for the Cavalier Daily, and led a core group through Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. I love to travel — and while most of my trips have led me to Latin America — I enjoy going all over.

In 2018, I led Language & Service Costa Rica, and in 2019, I led Language & Hiking Spain. My greatest high was exploring the Pyrenees, especially Respomuso and Pacino, with our groups. The landscape overwhelmed me; it is simply unbelievable to think that there are such beautiful places in the world just sitting there waiting to be discovered, and anyone can go and see them. I will never forget this summer spent in the Pyrenees with our Overland groups — such a gift!