Dave McCahill

Hometown: Lake Placid, New York
College: Harvard University

A former Division 1 Nordic Skier at Harvard, I most recently served as the Director of the New York Ski Educational Foundation Winter Term in Lake Placid, New York. I also teach physics and calculus to members of the US Freestyle (aerials) program.

A proud Adirondacker and native of Lake Placid, New York, I am a graduate of Harvard University, where I majored in environmental science and public policy. While at Harvard, I captained the Division 1 Nordic Ski Team, and I was a four-time trip leader with the college’s First-Year Outdoor Program. Following graduation, I returned to Lake Placid to teach science and math at the National Sports Academy and to coach ski jumping and cross-country skiing with the NYSEF, where I was honored by the United States Ski/Snowboard Association as the “Domestic Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Coach of the Year” for the 2010/2011 season. I spent two years living and working in Innsbruck, Austria, teaching English at a Technical College through a grant from the Fulbright Commission and the Austrian Ministry of Education. While in Austria, I divided my free time between cycling, backcountry skiing and mountaineering—but on the good days, I’d do all three.

In 2012, I led Teton Challenge; in 2013, I led Alpine Challenge; in 2014, I led European Explorer; in 2015, I led European Challenge; in 2016 and 2017, I supported European Challenge groups; and in 2018, I supported the American Challenge. Leading for Overland is so special because of the community. I’ve never encountered a group of folks so willing to learn, explore, teach and share their passion with students as I have with the Overland leader community. Every summer I learn so much and make so many lasting relationships; it’s what keeps me coming back year after year.