Austin Bergeron

Hometown: Plainville, Connecticut
College: Middlebury College

During my junior year at Middlebury College, I started traveling by bicycle and discovered a new passion on my rainy and cold tour back home to Connecticut.

Since that time, I have pedaled extensively—both as an Overland leader and on my own—crossing two continents, riding the majority of the Pacific Coast, all around New England, and many destinations in the desert Southwest and Pacific Northwest. I have developed a passion for this mode of exploration; I believe the world is best seen from two wheels and in the company of friends. Originally from Plainville, Connecticut, I graduated from Middlebury in 2013 and led for Overland that summer. Since then, I have worked for Overland in several capacities. I led Pacific Coast, the American Challenge and the European Challenge; worked as a trip planner as a member of the year-round staff; and supported Overland trips in the field many times.

Currently, I live in Seattle, Washington, where I work as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. I value my Overland experience immensely, and I credit it with my choice to pursue a career in youth development.