Adam Milano

Hometown: Allendale, New Jersey
College: Middlebury College

As a social worker, I am committed to celebrating other peoples’ strengths; this chosen vocation allowed me to work with Syrian Refugees during my field work with USAID in Jordan last spring.

Originally from Allendale, New Jersey, I graduated summa cum laude from Middlebury College in 2015, where I received highest honors within my major, was the recipient of the Marie Lafferty Cortell Award, and was chosen as the commencement speaker. Last May, I received my Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University, where I focused in clinical practice. Last year, I created and implemented the Life Skills Instructor position at the Naval Academy Preparatory School. In this position, I worked closely with Midshipmen Candidates as they adjusted to life in the military and the demands of a service academy. I am currently in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Civil Affairs Specialist in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 2014, I led Virgin Islands Service; in 2015, I led Hawaii Service; in 2016, I led Field Studies Tanzania; and in 2019, I led Mountains & Sea Adventure. Overland is a unique organization in the way that it simultaneously pushes students to reach a new level of personal growth while providing a comfortable, caring, familial environment.