Expectations, Phones, Electronics & Communication Policies


Overland programs are wholesome, structured experiences with high expectations of each camper’s behavior. Our campers are expected to be enthusiastic, positive, helpful, and supportive of each other and of their leaders; they are expected to have chosen an appropriate trip for their interests and abilities; they are expected to have prepared adequately so that they can keep up physically and participate in all of the group’s activities; they understand that smoking (or vaping), using any tobacco product, drinking alcohol, or using any drugs (other than prescribed medications) is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to dismiss any camper for any reason whatsoever—including but not limited to: rule breaking, misbehaving, or an inability to fully participate or to keep up physically. Campers who are dismissed receive no refund and all costs associated with the dismissal are the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians.


To maximize independence and self-reliance, we do not permit phone calls, emails, or text messages to or from our campers (the exceptions to this are: your child will call home on arrival and departure with our phones and assistance, and in the case of an emergency). If your child brings a phone for use while en route to Overland, please do not send him or her with an expensive smartphone; instead bring an inexpensive prepaid cell phone. All phones will be collected on arrival and returned at departure. While we will take reasonable steps to prevent damage, theft, or loss to phones, we take no responsibility for phones, and we will not make any reimbursements for lost, damaged, or stolen phones.

Other Electronics

Cameras are welcome but please do not bring any other electronics (e.g., iPods, iPads, Kindles or other readers, GPS or similar devices). All electronics (except cameras) will be mailed home on arrival (at your risk and expense).


During the summer, the Overland office is staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week (outside of office hours our answering service provides coverage). Our leaders in the field are in touch with our office regularly; they carry cell phones (and in some cases satellite phones).

To help campers meet our high expectations of independence and self-reliance and to ensure that leaders are devoting all of their time and energy to the group, we ask you to refrain from calling the Overland office for updates on your child.

Please be assured that anytime a camper is treated for an injury or illness by a doctor or medical personnel you will be contacted by us: an Overland director will call you to explain the nature of the injury or illness and the proposed treatment. In almost every situation, parents are able to speak with the attending medical personnel, with their child’s leaders, and with their child.