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9 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Summer Camp

Independence & Self-Reliance

Going away to summer camp is incredibly exciting! It can also be nerve racking. You might be imagining all the fun you will have – tossing the frisbee around at camp, sharing stories on the trail, and gazing up at the stars before curling up in your tent. And, at the same time, perhaps you are a bit nervous about your trip. 

While away at camp, you will be living simply. You’ll leave your phone at home, cook all of your meals as a group, and fall into the routine of rising with the sun and falling asleep to the sound of the nearby creek. One of the best parts of being away on your Overland trip is taking full advantage of these opportunities to live in the moment. I know how new this might feel, and want to share a few ideas of how to best prepare for the different rhythm of life while away on your summer trip. These are tips and tricks I’ve learned over the course of four Overland summers and leading more than 100 different students. Read on for my top nine recommendations on how to prepare for summer camp! 

Teens laughing while outside on their teen summer camping trip in Maine

1. Go for a walk with a friend

While on your Overland trip, you will be spending your days almost entirely outside. You may already be immersed in physically preparing for your trip. Maybe you’ve been on long hikes with your pack, or perhaps you are leaving home for the first time and have never gone hiking! Either way, spending all day everyday outside will probably feel different than life at home and in school. 

If you can, find a moment to put on your boots or sneakers (and maybe your backpack!) and go for a walk with a friend. Start to shift your mindset to time on the trails, sharing stories, breathing fresh air, and living in the moment. Take this opportunity to get excited for all your trip has to offer.

2. Take a break from your phone

It can be scary to imagine living without your phone. Despite the overwhelming benefits of spending time without technology, it has become a constant part of our lives. Your experience will be entirely phone free (not to worry, your leaders will have them for emergencies), and many students share that this was one of their favorite parts of the trip. Before leaving home, try setting your phone aside for a few hours. Make a fun plan with your friends or cook a meal with your family! You will quickly start to notice that removing your phone and outside distractions can help you engage fully with your present company.



How to Choose a Summer Adventure for your child!

3. Learn a few riddles to share

Lots of groups love playing trail games or doing riddles on long hikes. Try learning one to share with your group! Ask your friends or teachers if they have any fun ones to share. Try taking a peek at a library book or looking for websites with clever riddle ideas.

4. Spend a night in your sleeping bag

This summer, your tent and sleeping bag will quickly start to feel like home. If you haven’t already acquired a sleeping bag, your first step will be to choose the sleeping bag that is appropriate for you and your trip. Next up, try it out! The more nights you spend happily falling asleep in your sleeping bag, the more comfortable it will feel when you’re on your trip. Try hosting a campout in your living room, or even curling up in your sleeping bag in your bed.

5. Learn about your upcoming trip

Open up your trip itinerary on your trip page of our website (here you can see what Alaska Explorer gets up to). You’ll be able to get a sense of what you will be doing, and can get in the mindset for your trip. Got questions? Reach out to the person who plans your trip (it might even be me!). My colleagues and I spend all year becoming experts in your trip; we’re a great resource if need be. 

CI 112

Find a moment to put on your boots or sneakers (and maybe your backpack!) and go for a walk with a friend

6. Talk to someone about your summer

Hopefully you have taken a look at the different components of your trip, and have a long list of activities you are looking forward to! Choose the activity you are most excited about and tell someone in your life. Let them know why you are excited, and what you might learn this summer.

On the flip side, think through a day that might make you nervous, and share that as well. On the first day of the trip, your leaders will check in with you and want to know how they can best support you for the duration of your trip. If there is something you are nervous about, let them know! Your leaders will explain what the activity is, and make sure you are comfortable trying something new.

7. Share your mail stops with friends

All of our trips will have mail stops – you can find these details on your family portal. Make sure to give this information to friends and family, they can write you a note or send you a little postcard. Keep in mind that we ask families and friends to only send notes, and avoid sending packages. 

8. Write down a goal

Embarking on an Overland trip is a wonderful opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, try something new and make great new friends. With that in mind, take a few moments before you head out to write down one or two goals. Maybe you are hoping to learn how to cook a meal on a backcountry stove, or go kayaking for the first time. Perhaps you have never been away from home and are looking forward to conquering the challenge of going to bed in a new place. Keep this goal in mind, and feel free to share with your leaders during your trip!

One of the best parts of each Overland trip is that you conquer each challenge as a team

9. Embrace Team Mentality

One of the best parts of each Overland trip is that you conquer each challenge as a team, nothing is a solo endeavor. From day one, you will be a key member of your team. Our leaders are there to create a cohesive, supportive and welcoming group. They are so excited to meet you and help you form lifelong friendships.

Learning how to prepare for summer camp doesn’t need to be a trial by error process. These time-tested recommendations will set you up for success this summer, and – I hope – bring you a lot of joy in the process. Excellent mental preparation will go a long way in creating the most positive, most valuable experience, for you and in turn, for the rest of your group. If you’ve got additional questions about how to prepare for summer camp, like the physical preparation, or the gear required, make sure to check out our additional blog articles, linked below!

Happy trails! 

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