Will Haslett

Hometown: Lincoln, Massachusetts
College: Colorado College

Last spring, I studied mountain climate change ecology in the Front Range of Colorado.

Originally from Lincoln, Massachusetts, I am a sophomore at Colorado College where I study environmental and political science. At CC, I am a member of the men’s lacrosse team and a residential advisor in a freshman and sophomore dorm. Last season, the lacrosse team made it to the NCAA tournament. Before CC, I attended Northfield Mount Hermon, where I was the captain of crew and lacrosse both my junior and senior years and a member of the all-male a capella group. In my free time, I enjoy skiing and hiking. Before leading for Overland, I spent many summers lobster fishing on the coast of Maine.

In 2017, I led Berkshire Adventure and Blue Ridge Explorer. A three-time Overland student, I participated in Northwest Explorer, High Sierra Explorer and Alpine Challenge. My summers at Overland have taught me about the power of community and collective effort. I look forward to creating this same positive and supportive environment for my students.